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Book trailer

Book trailer: The Black Widow

Jack Hunter is near the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon with the love of his life: Catherine Crewes. They’re cheering for the runners. Then, out of the blue, two bomb explosions smash a beautiful day to smithereens. Terrorists ruined the day by 
causing havoc with the Boston Marathon bombings. Many innocents are injured and some succumbed to their injuries. Jack is furious and doing his best to catch the terrorists and let the law take care of them. He is the head of the ATU – the Anti-Terrorist Unit in downtown Boston – and is ordered to organize the biggest manhunt in American history.

But there's more than meets the eye, when Sybil Crewes— Catherine's aunt— examines a mysterious murder. She 
Connects the dots to the terrorists and an infamous vampire known as the Black Widow.

Sybil decides to team-up with the ATU to get the Black Widow and the terrorists –but why is a vampire working with 
Terrorists? What are her plans? 

Sybil will do everything in her power to stop the Black Widow. A breathtaking race to save the world begins.