Storyteller - S.K. Greory -- about my third novel 'Help'

1. Tell us about your latest book

In my latest book, “Help”, Dr. Josef Mengele—the Angel of Death—has escaped from Hell! Posing as a physician, he programs his patients to do as he commands, transforming them into living bombs, and ultimately creates a new world order.

Sybil Crewes is a vampire trying to escape her fate. She refuses to feed on humans, pulls her own fangs, and injects liquid silver in an effort to remain “human.” When she discovers Mengele’s terrible plan, however, she knows she must stop him at any cost. Embracing her savage nature, she embarks on a dangerous course of action that will bring her face-to-face with the deadly doctor . . . and the monster within.

2. Tell​ us about your main character

Sybil Crewes is a vampire in love, hooked on liquid silver and iron pills in favor of being human. She knows she has to give up on her dream, in order to stop Dr. Josef Mengele.

3. What was the inspiration behind your latest book?

I needed a real villain for my book, and I choose for Dr. Josef Mengele because he is everything I despise in a person. He was a mean, sadistic Nazi who performed deadly experiments on children in Auschwitz. He even created a Siamese twin by sewing two little boys together. Mengele fled to Brazil and escaped justice. I imagine he’s now rotting in Hell, well deserved!

The reason why I brought him back as a villain in my book is because there are so many scary things going on in the world with so much phobia for the unknown, LGBTs, Immigrants, etc., and there are still Holocaust deniers. I decided to use Mengele in my book as a mirror to reflect this fear to the world. We must accept each other for what we are and stop the hate and phobia.

4. Who is your favourite character in the book and why?

My favorite character is Sybil Crewes because she’s pretty much like I am in real life—an independent modern woman who believes in freedom and justice. Sybil wants to be human and wants to have a normal life, but nothing about her is ordinary. She fights evil to protect the innocents.

5. Tell us three things about you that nobody knows.

I can’t get pregnant due to a birth defect and that’s something I have in common with my main character, Sybil Crewes. In the book, Sybil gets to know two girls whom she loves like they’re one of her own. In real life, I am a stepmother of three children whom I love and even put their names in my last will. I faint at the sight of blood.