Trauma: I hope he rots in hell


Susan has been grappling with bloody nightmares for years. Her parents and her therapist have been trying to help her overcome them. Now that she’s in high school, the nightmares are less frequent but just as horrifying as ever. There’s something nagging at her constantly, just on the tip of her consciousness, yet she just can’t figure out what it is.

Susan and one of her best friends, Xander, whom she secretly loves, are in a car accident on the outskirts of Boston that ends up in a newspaper article, along with her picture. It is then that Susan discovers her whole life has been based on lies—she finds out she’s adopted.

On the other side of the US, death and destruction follow in a serial killer’s wake as the voices in his head goad him into killing and burning and mayhem. He sees Susan’s picture in the newspaper article and sets out for Massachusetts, as the voices in his head direct him to kill her and her mother.

A deadly encounter is imminent . . .