All my book trailers in one place

This is the book trailer I created for my latest novel: Pandemic: Chaos is Bleeding.

Jack Hunter is near the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon with the love of his life: Catherine Crewes. They’re cheering for the runners. Then, out of the blue, two bomb explosions smash a beautiful day to smithereens. Terrorists ruined the day by 

Hotel of Death: the chosen one is a horror/thriller/fantasy combo set in the real world.

If I have to characterize my book than its fair to say that it is kinda like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Jack Bauer. However, the ‘vampire slayer’ in my story is named Sybil, and she is a 263-year-old vampire. She investigates supernatural events that pose a threat to our society. She gets in touch with a secret Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) in Boston during her struggle to find the chosen one in order to end an ancient curse that changed her into a vampire.

Her whole life, Susan’s been haunted by bloody nightmares. But she is about to find out the irrefutable truth about how her night terrors reflect her real life. She discovers her life is all lies.

Unbeknownst to Susan, a serial killer on the other side of the US is making his way toward her with one goal: to kill Susan and her mother. The voices in his head are telling him he must.

Will Susan’s nightmares ever end? And more importantly, will she survive the deadly encounter with the serial killer?

We proudly present Cynthia Fridsma's exciting new Thriller: Vanished.

Vanished tells a story about a missing professor, Dr. Alex Gibbon, who worked on a secret project, Dreamscape.

When the missing professor's car is found at the intersection  of Westland Avenue and Hemenway Street in Boston, a deadly race begins when Medical Examiner, Natalie Principal inspects a charred body  behind the wheel.