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Volume 1: the attack


Volume 1: The Attack is the first novella, based on Cynthia Fridsma's debut novel, Hotel of Death, and tells the story of Sybil Crewes. Sybil is a vampire who lives in Boston and wants nothing more than live a normal life and tries to be human. When she goes out, she breaks her own fangs to pass for a human.

Unfortunately, being a vampire and drinking pigs’ blood isn’t the only reason she can’t have a normal life. Because together with her friends Sybil starts Nightbird to fight demons, werewolves, vampires, zombies, and everything in between. Nightbird ensures America stays safe and keeps the existence of monsters, secret from the public. Just think of the panic it will cause if the people know that all monsters they were afraid of, during their childhood, really exists . . .